#100HappyDays: Super soaker

Puttering around my front yard tomato pots, I heard Mr. T turn the corner and holler something like, "You're going to like this..."

Little did I know how much.

Having just cut a coffin-sized hole in the ceiling of our garage, T needed my assistance. I figured it was something along the lines of tool holding or helping heft up the soon-to-be-installed attic ladder.

No. So much better.

He actually requested that I hose him down. Something that would normally get me soaked in retribution.

So with my new water wand, I drenched him, removing the pasty layer of drywall dust, cackling maniacally and confirming how much fun it is to soak one's spouse without fear.

Well that's a lie because I could see glimmers of Shawna-soaking contemplation in his eyes, and I truly expected a soggy bear hug at least.

Ah, little things in life.


1. 24 Hours of Happy
2. If loving a wheelbarrow is wrong...
3. A trip to the nursery
4. Transplants
5. Sweet peas
6. Cool as a...
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8. Happiness by the yard
9. Keeping the vampires at bay
10. Giving P.F. Chang's a run for its money
11. A little Spring snow in the Sierras
12. Communing with fellow comm nerds
13. Ladies' night
14. Ten Thousand Waves in Santa Fe, New Mexico
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17. Bathmat runways
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19. My kind of Easter egg hunt
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22. West Coast Ravens, smoke on!
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27. Tomato mania
28. Real smiles
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30. Gypsy chickens and birthday celebrations
31. Conjuring a rainstorm
32. Bountiful boxes
33. The reluctant birthday boy
34. Copper poppies
35. Caprese chicken magic
36. Moms love waffles
37. Hearty soup for a hot "summer" day
38. A friend of the library
39. Talking Above the Fray
40. Go, go gadget green beans
41. Clinking frapps
42. Berries and bosom friends
43. Little red ZHP
44. Scratch pasta goodness
45. The sweetest final ever
46. A beautiful birthday girl
47. Mac & cheese for breakfast
48. Seattle sunshine
49. Spectacular Seattle
50. Rocking the International Communication Association convention
51. Veggie box
52. A bumper plant
53. Unusually tasty vegetables
54. My poor Corolla-mobile
55. Anti-fashion
56. My lovelies

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