#100HappyDays: Above the Fray's first advisory board meeting

A gathering of greatness on the 22nd floor of the Esquire Building in downtown Sacramento, June 4, 2014. The Above the Fray team (including yours truly up front at the moment) presents program info to an advisory board for feedback.
Now, I'm normally not one to promote hours-long meetings as a source of happiness, but this week, the Above the Fray* team sponsored its first advisory board meeting. Doesn't sound exciting?

Well, it turned out to be an extraordinary discussion where we--Thomas Dodson and Aja Uranga-Foster, cofounders of Above the Fray, and yours truly, resident research nerd--presented our work researching and understanding youth/teen social media use. And of course, our grand plan to change the world by fostering education, engagement and empowerment for youth, parents, and educators who are navigating through our increasingly digitally-focused world.
Perks of being 22 stories up. What I love about working with Above the Fray is the chance to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. For instance, we conducted eight youth/teen focus groups this winter. It was an incredible experience to hear about the joys and struggles kids face as they learn, use and sometimes obsess over social media. Thanks to those kids, we know where to focus to help others.
The best part was hearing reflections and feedback from others in the room including another professor researcher, a high school teacher, app designers, and business folks. We've got so many great ideas to build upon as we move forward with the goal of empowering youth to lead safe and responsible lives online. More on that soon!

Panoramic view of Sacramento. Spectacular!

P/S Are you asking yourself "What is Above the Fray?" It's an organization committed to helping youth and their supporters (parents and teachers) negotiate the crazy world of social media in safe and responsible ways. Keep your eyes peeled this Fall for a full website, app and speaker series!

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