#100HappyDays: Tomato mania

Imagine a choir of angels singing. That's pretty much what I hear when I look at this photo. Want to know more about growing tomatoes? Read this "Tips, tricks, and warnings for growing tomatoes"
I felt sad for a few minutes, chopping down a mature shrub, stabbing a shovel into the ground to pry up its surprisingly shallow roots. But having recently taught pragmatism in my critical analysis class--the philosophy of ends justifying means--I concentrated on the outcomes of boxwood murder. Namely, piles of glorious tomatoes that will materialize come summer time.

Learning from last year's first foray into container-tomato growing, I've invested in bigger pots and arranged them for optimal sun exposure (including, removing a shrubby obstacle, ahem. Do not be surprised when that photinia disappears or is significantly shorter next season!).

I still need to provide supports (I'm experimenting with trellis and new types of cages, stay tuned) and put in a walkway, but bruschetta season is off to a great start.


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