#100HappyDays: West Coast Ravens, smoke on!

Tank, Slick and Rodoc of the West Coast Ravens smoking up the sky at the West Coast Formation Clinic, April 2014, in Madera, California.
A chilly Spring Saturday. Sixty-one Vans RVs practicing formation flying. And in the afternoon, some of my favorite show-offs.

I spent last weekend hanging out at the West Coast Formation Clinic in Madera, California. My third year present, I enjoyed relaxing with other spectators, snapping pictures of training flights and of course, seeing good formations.

In the afternoon, Mr. T, aka "Tank" took to the sky with seasoned formation friends "Slick" and "Rodoc" where they made a smoke-on take-off and fly-by. As part of the West Coast Ravens formation flying team, these guys love to put on a show.


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