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After what felt like an endless string of travel adventures, I enjoyed a routine week at home recently. Just my typical Wednesday trip to Phoenix and back. Would that all weeks could be so "relaxing." See what I mean...

#98- April 7- Attack of the 8-foot weeds
Mr. T seemed not at all surprised that I put off weed-wacking the Back 40 until the weeds were taller than me. Some day, some day we shall landscape.  
 #99- April 8- Happy Easter, from the 18.5-pound lasagna
Ham schmam, this Easter we ate well with Emily Poffenberger's famous lasagna. For once she weighed it... 18.5 pounds. I only scarfed half that, no worries.
 #100- April 9- Making 30 look easy
Dinner with birthday girl Lindsey (left), baby Aria, mama Megan, and lovely Heather (not pictured).
 #101- April 10- Why did the lady duck cross the road?

I half-wondered if this lady Mallard was planning to follow me home on my walk as she trotted from lawn to lawn using the crosswalk. Way to be a good pedestrian, duck!
 #102- April 11- Sunrise flying
Sunrise at 38,000 feet. Quite spectacular.
 #103- April 12- Notes for No One
At school, I share an office with several other teaching associates. I find that Doug and I most often leave notes for the students who (never) come to office hours. Funny little artifacts of office life.
 #104- April 13- Stormy like my heart
Sacramento's Friday-the-13th weather fit my mood perfectly as it was the day I found out my friend committed suicide. Thinking about killing yourself? Read this first, please. 
#105- April 14- Turkey town?
Getting mugged by toms really makes Spring strolling amusing. He seemed to say "What? What you staring at tall one?"
#106- April 15- Hummingbird crack
Upgraded my little plastic hummingbird feeder with this antique-looking red glass contraption. It only two two days for the hummers to find it!
#107- April 16- Monday night gourmet
Although incredibly simple fare, I congratulated myself a TON on this meal. Artichokes steamed with balsamic vinegar (see here for an artichoke how-to) and garlic-cilantro-citrus chicken. Yum! I marinated two chicken breasts in the juice of one lime and one mandarin, 5 crushed garlic cloves, a handful of cilantro, a tablespoon of canola oil and black pepper for a couple hours. I pounded the breasts flat before stove-top grilling. 
#108- April 17- A gardening companion
I found this character slurping up my leg today while potting plants. Yeah, Gardening 101: If you think something is crawling on you, that's because something probably is. Ick.

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