The Daily Pixel: A month of pixels!

So... I lost track of an entire month. Again. Oops! But as the photographic evidence below suggests, the month did, in fact, happen. So there. Enjoy an entire month of Daily Pixels.

#159- June 7- Rrrruffffff.
Fierce old man dog.
#160- June 8- Loving my new paint
Next time I decide to paint, I'm hiring someone. Or emptying the room first. Maybe both.
#161- June 9- The half-Dexter
So our giant old bed frame isn't easy to move... so I painted around it. Talk about upping the complexity of a paint project and the amount of plastic swathing needed!
#162- June 10- Meeting the RV-1
At the Golden West Fly-In and Air Show, I got to meet the Vans RV-1, the prototype for the entire line of Van's aircraft including T's formation flying plane, the RV-4. I got to sit inside the cockpit and that plane is DINKY. I couldn't even extend my legs completely.
#163- June 11- Summer means Little League
The second best part of Little League games (besides the unbelievably cute baseball players): Sno-kones!
#164- June 12- Happy gardenias
After a few years of pruning problems, I'm pleased to report that the gardenias are happy, happy, happy! (Now, stay that way!)
#165- June 13- All hail the burnt sugar
I may have to dedicate an entire post to this creme brulee, it was that good.
#166- June 14- Happy Flag Day!
And happiest of birthdays to my dear Alesha and Graden.
#167- June 15- Moose's Tooth memories
We arrived in Alaska and promptly found sustenance in the from of this Moose's Tooth pizza pie--half "American" meat and cheese, and half apricot/chicken, a strange but delicious combination.
#168- June 16--Cooper Landing, Alaska
A most picturesque dinner spot. More photos of Cooper Landing and Moose Pass here.
#169- June 17- I'm on a horse
Well, I was. We had an awesome trail ride in Seward. Photographic evidence here.
#170- June 18- Boarding a big boat
The Coral Princess in Whittier. See pictures of Trouble Taking a Party Bus AND mooses and bears.
#171- June 19- Gorgeous sunset.
We enjoyed a day of scenic cruising and saw the Hubbard Glacier.
#172- June 20- Glacier Bay!
More of the prettiest pictures ever, here.
#173- June 21- BEARS!
The best part of Skagway--bears! And the Yukon. And the White Pass Railroad. See more.
#174- June 22- Glacier Walking
Want to see a zillion phenomenal glacier pictures? I know you do. Click here.
#175- June 23- A birthday kayak adventure
Paddled the Tatoosh Islands on my 30th birthday. Too cool.
#176- June 24- A day at sea.
As part of the birthday splurging, T and I had the best massages ever. Sigh.
#177- June 25- Why my pants don't fit. Again.
So, I may have had waffles and corned beef hash every single day of the cruise. I would say "But you can't prove it," but I'm pretty sure you can what with my pants barely fitting again. Dang it.
#178- June 26- Harvest!
Home from vacation to a yummy tomato harvest!
#179- June 27- Post-cruise detox dinner
This is what you eat after a week of indulgence.
#180- June 28- Oops, I forgot my picture!
Saw this on Facebook and it reminded me of living in Phoenix. Need tips for beating the heat? See here.
#181- June 29- Ha!
This magnet made me laugh!
#182- June 30- Birthday cupcakes!
Threw myself a little birthday party with delicacies from Icing on the Cupcake in Rocklin.
#183- July 1- Bounty
#184- July 2- Only slightly sinister
Goliath's in his dark place because he really hates balloons. And I really love throwing (floating?) them at him. Because I'm a bad, bad dog mommy.
#185- July 3- Heirloom loveliness
Check out those gorgeous Cherokee Purples, my first heirlooms.
#186- July 4- Happy Fourth of July, I forgot to take a picture!
We enjoyed the most minimal of festivities because Mr. T decided to catch pneumonia. Boo!
#187- July 5- The bounty continues
I think my gardening friends find me rude for posting these photos on Facebook, but I can't help myself. It's tomato Christmas around these parts!
#188- July 6- Marvelous Mehndi
In advance of attending my first Indian wedding, I got to take part in a Mehndi night, where the women folk get a henna tattoo on their left hand. 
#189- July 7- Blessings to Geeta and Max!
Having never seen a Hindu ceremony, I had no idea what to expect. It involved many sacred rites and rituals, pounds of rice and fruit, flowers, money, ghee, family and for about 30 seconds, me. I was one of four married women who got to whisper blessings into the bride's ear. Such a beautiful experience!
#190- July 8- A homegrown salad
Three different types of tomatoes, lemon cucumbers, bell peppers and basil from my little garden.
#191- July 9- A drink I might hate
Lately, I've been obsessed with cranberry kombucha, an organic fermented tea drink. Well, apparently it's popular now because both of my Safeways were out this week! So I tried something new... kombucha with chia, little seeds that are packed with omega-3s and antioxidants. But they remind me of tomato seeds which are not what I'm interested in whilst drinking a beverage. Hmm.

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