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Until today's wind storm, the weather in Sacramento has been dreamy. Almost a week of blue skies. Breezy sunshine days. Birds chirping and dancing and darting around the Back-40. Abject torture to someone like yours truly who's been wrought with paper deadlines, housework and grading, etc. So rather than whine (too much), I've taken residence at my local coffee shop where at least the gigantic windows allow me to see some Spring. Of course, despite my whining, life this week hasn't been all cooped up...

#60- February 29, 2012
Flying over Yosemite. Glad to see some snow in the Sierras.
#61- March 1, 2012
The 9:30 p.m. walking home from campus "Oh crap, I haven't taken a picture yet" shot.  You are looking at Arizona State University from University Avenue, in case you didn't recognize it.
#62- March 2, 2012
Geeta's garden! Although not well-represented with my phone camera, these golden origami flowers catch light in a very dreamy, romantic way.
#63- March 3, 2012
An un-subtle photo bomb by Mr. T who apparently doesn't love my perpetual food pictures. 

#64- March 4, 2012
MY TREES DIDN'T DIE OVER WINTER! Squeal! (If they did, I'm certain my lovely neighbors would have a comment or two.)

#65- March 5, 2012
Could baby Ryan be any cuter? I don't think so.
#66- March 6, 2012
Whilst writing at my "coffice" today, I noticed these two gentlemen hanging out reading the paper together and telling each other tidbits about national news and weather. So stinkin' cute. I hope my girlfriends and I are holding court like this in our 80s.


#59- Betty the Ewok pug
#58- Saucer Magnolia in Spring finery
#57- The most amusing Oscar pool ever
#56- My mother made me do it
#55- Dream peas
#48-54 A week and three states

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