Friday, February 24, 2012

The Daily Pixel- A week and three states

After another five days spent on the road and in the air, I can't overstate the joy of waking up in my own bed today. Looking back over the last week, I also can't help but smile at the memories, momentous and mundane. Here's a peek:

#48- February 17, 2012- Visit your husband at work day
Last week, I brought a busy Mr. T lunch at work. During that time, I got to witness him have a conversation with a coworker that was apparently in English but I comprehended none of it. I wish I could have recorded it for my class to demonstrate the exclusionary power of jargon! 
#49- February 18, 2012- Surprise!/"30 is the new 60"
A fuzzy baby Ryan at mom, Heather's, surprise 30th birthday party. For the record, I took about 50 pictures of the "30 is the new 60" bash planned by her wonderful hubby, Dan, but none were on my camera! 
#50- February 19, 2012- Another day, another Southwest plane
I forgot Sunday means flying family day and I shared the plane to San Diego/Albuquerque with about 17 strollered passengers. 
#51- February 20, 2012- Albuquerque, kinda
Visited Albuquerque, NM for the Western States Communication Association convention. Didn't see much of the town except for what lied between the Hyatt and Double Tree hotels.
#52- February 21, 2012- Ingram/Foster Biplane
Naturally, I gravitated towards the cool art/exhibits at the Albuquerque Airport.
#53- February 22, 2012- A firetruck made me do it
Now, people may think I got "busted" buying extra thin mints in Arizona (considering that T already ordered some boxes from a local scout) but a firetruck made me do it! The scouts were set up on campus at ASU (genius by the way) when an emergency vehicle came barreling through the quad as I walked by. I *had* to step aside (next to the cookies) and I *had* to listen to the pint sized sales pitches, and I *had* to do my part and buy a couple boxes. Right?
#54- February 23, 2012- "Winter" in Arizona
By the time I left yesterday, the temps shot into the 80s and I noticed undergrads sunbathing around campus. Yes, folks, this is "winter" in Arizona. Not bad!


  1. YOU. SUCK. (except not really. you are great. your hogging of all the sunshine? not so great.)

  2. You remember this in August when I have ALL THE SUN IN THE WORLD. Or at least all the heat. ;)