The Daily Pixel #58- Saucer Magnolia in Spring finery

Every Spring I walk by a house in our neighborhood, gawk at the gorgeous pink tree that I've erroneously called a Dogwood, and think "I should take a picture of that." And every Spring, I forget until a big storm comes and knocks down all of the blossoms. Or when I finally do get my camera, I notice the flowers are all faded. Well not this year!

Behold, the beauty of a Saucer Magnolia* in full bloom...

#58- February 27, 2012
I suppose it's not technically Spring yet, but what with all the blooming going on in Sacramento, you'll have to forgive me for being confused.

* Well, I'm pretty sure this is a Saucer Magnolia, at least according to my Google images sleuthing.

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