Uppity green bean casserole

Last year's casserole, bottom left.
Sauteed thinly sliced mushrooms bathed in a creamy, garlicky bechamel. Fresh crunchy green beans, blanched. Crispy sliced onions. All baked to perfection.

Only not really. My attempt at gourmet green bean casserole (following my beloved Smitten Kitchen's directions) turned out alright. Merely okay. A little gloopy with oddly hard to eat, too-long green beans.

My sister's boyfriend, with a reputation as a gourmand, was meeting the family for the first time. I wanted to impress so I abandoned the tried and true, and attempted the high falutin'. Why? Whyyyyy?

That was last year and now I'm back to the traditional, Campbell's-n-French's green bean casserole. If loving canned soup casserole is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

All that is to say: Happy Thanksgiving, all!

Hope yours was damn fabulous. And if it wasn't, hope you survived.

Now, to decorate for Christmas!!


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