World record 50-ship formation over NASCAR at Phoenix International Raceway

World record 50-ship formation flight over NASCAR to celebrate Phoenix International Raceway's 50th anniversary. Every pilot is certified to fly formation ("carded" is the local lingo) and practices extensively. So proud of these ladies and gentlemen! What a great way to kick off air show season.
There are a lot of ways to celebrate a golden anniversary. Phoenix International Raceway folks? They wanted planes. 50 of 'em. Over NASCAR. How cool is that?

Yesterday, Mr. T and 49 of his friends flew formation during the opening ceremonies of The Profit NASCAR race at Phoenix International Raceway. Although I'm still smarting over not being there in person, I joined friends and family watching the coverage on TV.

I am so, so, so proud of T and company for executing a safe flight. A safe world-record breaking flight, mind you. It's remarkable to think about 50 pilots coming together from across the country--some from formation teams like the West Coast Ravens and KC Flight--and putting together a formation of this magnitude. These folks are civilians (although many have military backgrounds) who by and large fly for fun, but dedicate a ton of time and personal resources to formation training and performances like this one.

And I was thrilled to see such generous coverage on mainstream TV. Love to see general aviation making positive headlines!

The proudest wife in the world

More formation flying fun:

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