One month to finish all the things

Well, crap.

It just occurred to me that putting up Christmas decor = almost December = end of the year = I ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH LEFT TO FINISH ALL THE 2013 GOALS!

The all-caps should indicate to you, dear reader, that I am nowhere close to finishing said goals.

I've done a few things, of course. For instance:

- Reading more than 30 non-school books
- Taking flying lessons
- Flying solo
- Making a backyard plan
- Composting


Other things like "try 75 new recipes," "write in journal every day," "exercise three times per week, minimum," "lower BMI to 22" and "master gnocchi"... hmm, not so much. In fact, I've still got 62 available goals left to accomplish (from a list of 91, FYI).

Well I love nothing more than a self-imposed challenge, so I'm committing to finishing at least 10 more goals by the end of the year.

Likely candidates:
- Re-resubmit peer relationships article
- Organize library cupboard
- Scrub and seal kitchen grout
- Learn how to make a good pie crust
- Make lemon meringue pie
- Organize recipes
- Organize spare bedroom closet
- Find bedroom lamps
- Fly to a new destination
- Submit a diss-related paper for publication

Wish me luck!


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