Humbugs and elves can coexist, I swear

I keep "Sleigh Ride" on my ipod all year long. I relish the arrival of red cups at Starbucks. If it were up to me, our 9-foot perennially perfect faux pine would already be blinged out. I mail cards. I write about Christmas cookies, decor, gratitude, traditions, etc., and I can never wait to open presents.

Mr. T? Not so much.

Today he posted the most perfect image depicting our disparate views of Christmas (and probably most holidays). That's me on the left, by the way. The veritable Christmas crazy.

T tolerates my holiday enthusiasm, deigning to participate when forced. (Oh how he loves helping me heft the tree out of the garage). But we coexist. Even when I, um, leave the Christmas tree up for months (or years) at a time. Must be love.


P.S. Check out the Valentine's tree, the Easter Egg tree, and the St. Paddy's tree.

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