Giving thanks where it's due

On a recent flight from Denver to DC, a passenger brought in a bunch of
dark chocolate for the flight attendants. The small thank you seemed to
make their day. I must remember to be that passenger one of these days!
I startled the flight attendant. After she graciously refilled my coffee for the third time, attending to other passengers in much the same way, I asked for her name. Quizzically, she said, "Melissa."

I should have admitted: "I want to thank you publicly, and by name." Instead I tweeted to Southwest Airlines how awesome their flight attendants were--especially Melissa--on my recent flight from Sacramento to Denver. But I really regret not telling her, too.

Having just spent a lot of time riding in cabs, visiting restaurants and interacting with myriad folks in hospitality and customer service, I've observed the sometimes crappy behavior they tolerate from patrons. As a result, I'm feeling compelled to amp up my expressed gratitude as we roll into the busy holiday season.

To that end, I'm practicing the art of thanking people specifically, by name and when possible, recognizing them publicly whether via twitter, company email or conversations with managers. I figure the civility and gratitude should rub off on others, right? Wishful thinking?


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