Project Green Thumbs: Front yard veggie gardening

Can you spot the edibles? Hidden in the landscaping are basil, cilantro,
oregano, watermelon, squash and tomato plants.
What do veggie gardens and real estate properties have in common? It's all about location, location, location.


I'm on my fifth season gardening and it finally sunk in: The pride and joy of my summer harvest--the illustrious tomato--will never thrive in my backyard garden box. Never. There just isn't enough* sun.

Undeterred, however, I started this season by scoping out the places on our property that do get enough rays. And you know the best location? Smack dab in our front yard.

Tucked in amidst the shrubs and gardenia bushes you can
see some of the nine (yes, nine) tomato plants and the
lone zucchini. If T didn't object, that tall yellow shrub would
be gone in a heart beat!
Of course, Mr. T put the kybosh on yours truly turning half of our front yard into a produce patch. (I would have, truly.) But he looked the other way when I started sneaking ceramic pots in between shrubs. (He wouldn't, however, let me cut down shrubbies in order to make more room. Alas.)

The result? So far, the best damn tomato crop I've produced in going on five years. Miracles, people!

Our neighbor's front yard garden.
I've noticed, at least in our neighborhood, an uptick in front yard
veggie gardening. Some folks are sly like me--working vegetables and herbs into existing landscaping. Others create full-on raised beds alongside their driveways. I've also seen friends with limited space create beautiful porch gardens using window boxes and pots.

So, if you're stuck with a shaded backyard like me, consider moving the show out front.


*Apparently this is a common gardening problem, underestimating sunlight hours.

More photos:

In the empty space, I've planted a few watermelon seedlings. I may also tuck in some beet and radish seeds.
Future melons!
Trying some natural slug/snail repellent around the basil.
Zucchini time.
A pretty little miracle.

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