Braceface Chronicles: When impatience trumps vanity

Luckily, I only have braces on the top row
and only on those front teeth. And if you must
know, my braces match my earrings and
fingernails today. I swear it wasn't on purpose!
So I went to the dentist today hoping to retrieve my last set of Invisalign trays. Two more trays. Four more weeks. Then, straight, toothy freedom!

How I left his office with a set of itty bitty railroad tracks running across my top row is beyond me.

Apparently I have the most obsessive dentist on the planet. He just wasn't satisfied with 98% straight. No, he gave me the "We've come all this way" speech and told me I could either wait the 4-6 weeks to get new Invisalign trays made (which might equal several more months of twisting after that) OR he could slap on some conventional braces. Immediately. As in that very minute in his chair. And they'd be off in a couple months.

Then it became a question of vanity v. impatience.

When I got him to promise I'd be out of wires and brackets by graduation, impatience won out. And here I am a partial metal mouth in my 30s. How on earth?

The good news? At least now I can linger over my coffee and meals without feeling guilty for having my trays out. It's the little things I suppose.


P.S. Please note that Mr. T is BEYOND thrilled that I am experiencing the "joys" of metal mouth braces.

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