Creamy and light butternut squash macaroni and cheese even a squash-hater can enjoy

Rarely, if ever, do I make dishes that feature ingredients I both love and loathe. (Love and tolerate, certainly. How do you think the leafy greens get in the house?) Consequently, it took me awhile to work up the nerve to attempt this favorite category of food--the venerable mac and cheese--because it consisted of butternut squash "bechamel." Icky sticky butternut squash and no cheddar anywhere.What the what?

But I'm on a health-ish kick and this main course promised the creaminess of my favorite comfort food with the added bonus of vegetable puree. So I tried it. And I actually liked it. Not loved. Liked. Still, it's better than I ever imagined what with all the squash.

It's truly cheesy and the squash does a fair job mimicking the flavor and color of classic mac. Following the reviews, I increased my sauce quantity for added creaminess and used an immersion blender to simplify and save on dirty dishes.

N.S.F.D. Ranking: **

Adapted from Cooking Light


3 cups
 cubed peeled butternut squash 

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