Coffee conversation: Chicken flavored patriarchy

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"Gotta go," Mr. T says as he walks to our bedroom to finish piling on the trappings of businessman life. Loafers, belt, dress shirt, and smart suit coat lie waiting.

After sliding his arms through the crisp white cotton, he presents the (un)buttons to me. Woman's work?

Feeling like a stay-at-home cliche in my fluffy terrycloth robe, I start pushing the small white discs through holes babbling about the patriarchy and dominant heteronormative hegemony that have me cinching together my husband's shirt at this hour of the morning. We toss around these grad school buzz words in jest frequently, me especially when I'm doing something stereotypically associated with feminine gender roles (laundry, ironing, cooking, etc.).

Jokingly indignant, we discuss patriarchy and reverse patriarchy (whatever that is) and whether those ideas are actually influencing my button-up behavior. I look down and over to see Goliath watching us intently, tail wagging. Surely he just wants to be let outside for his morning constitutional, but instead we add his dialogue to the conversation.

Goliath: "Patriarchy? Can I have some patriarchy? I like patriarchy, especially if it comes with chicken."

T and I laugh at ourselves, giggling about chicken-flavored patriarchy and the little white dog who has no idea what's going on except that he really does need to pee now. Or have some chicken. Goliath is always asking for chicken.

So, what do you talk about over your morning coffee?


P/S Oh, did you think this was going to be an actual discussion of important philosophical ideas?

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