Feeling like a summer sausage

Hot, fresh EAA donuts. Who knew donuts went so well with airplanes?
Once again summer has arrived, all hot and lovely. And once again, my pants barely fit. Even my "fat" pants. Even the (used to be) size-too-large shorts I bought from Old Navy on clearance a few years ago. (Ahhhhhhhhhhh!)

So what do I do?

Try my "Ballet Beautiful" work out DVD and then immediately go out to a fancy Italian dinner to celebrate our anniversary... with bread and creamy pasta and peach tart and GELATO. (To be fair, we did start with caprese and vegetable salads.)

And what am I going to do tomorrow?

Embark on a trip to EAA Airventure in Oshkosh where whatever vegetables are not fried come slathered in cheese sauce, sausages proliferate the menu, and cheese curds abound... (Not to mention the EAA donuts, soft serve on every corner, and hot buttered corn right outside the park.)

Oh sure, corn is technically a vegetable but it comes slathered in the most
wonderful butter sauce.
Just what is a girl to do?

Well, I enjoyed that Italian dinner and I will likely enjoy all of the "delicacies" Oshkosh has to offer (in moderation, of course). But between you and me, I'll be praying for a non-iceberg salad here and there.

And then when we get home, The Reckoning shall be upon the Redden household. The calorie-counting, portion-controlled, heavily-veggied, sparsely-sugared reckoning. In with zumba and yoga and weight training. Out with my beloved ice cream. Or I could get pneumonia like Mr. T did over the last couple weeks and lose 10 pounds via coughing fits. Hmm.

Any go-to, healthy* slim-down suggestions?


*Shawna don't do cleanses or fasts or pills or cabbage soup diets.

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