The Daily Pixel: Spring and things

It's Spring in Sacramento and I'm digging the 75-degree weather lately. So much so that I've found myself outside puttering in the yard and giving the grill a workout just about every day this week. I must remember these lovely days when the heat* sets in!

#135- May 14- Hummingbird Stalking
Okay, I admit it. I am 29 going on 85. Lately I've spent so much time staring at my backyard hummingbird feeder that T is threatening to sign me up for real bird watching. (NOT HAPPENING) I can't help it though... these little birds are just charming. Stay tuned for a hummingbird retrospective. I will only include 10 or 20 (million) of my favorite shots. 
#136- May 15- Ditch digging almost done
Sooooo, I've been working on this planter project since March. March. And it's very near done, I swear. Or at least that's what I keep telling my neighbors. They are "very excited" for it to be done and "can't wait" to see what it looks like. Well, me too! I think we are all anticipating the end of our yard looking like a giant eyesore. Ahem. I'm just about done digging though and T will be moving/adding sprinklers over the weekend. I'm hoping to plant next week maybe. I'm thinking small ornamental grasses, dwarf shrubbies, and perennial flowers and herbs. Suggestions?
137- May 16- My new office
As a telecommuter, I often suffer from cabin fever. And since Starbucks jaunts get spendy, I've been looking for other spaces to occupy for hours at a time. Who knew the library would be close to perfect? It's QUIET (mostly) and each desk has its own electrical outlet. The only thing? I didn't realize how distracting all the yummy books would be!
#138- May 17- Watermelon in the making
This year's garden experiment: Watermelon! 
#139- May 18- Stupendous no-cook strawberry ice cream 
I've been trying really hard not to let produce go to waste lately. With a Costco-sized container of strawberries in the fridge, that meant getting creative this week. I'd exhausted my capacity for plain strawberries, strawberries and pineapple, strawberries and pancakes, and strawberries in oatmeal. So I basically had** to make strawberry ice cream. Right? And now you do, too. It turned out SO well! The recipe was fairly simple and involved no custard-making (because we know how much I suck at that). I subbed half a cup of half-and-half for some of the heavy cream, and used half a cup of sugar and a few tablespoons of agave syrup. Don't skimp on the lemon juice because it really pulls out the flavor of the berries. Enjoy!

* It really helps to compare Sacramento "heat," which I always thought was intense, to the oven that is Cactus Land.
** Do you like my flawless logic?

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