The Daily Pixel: Good things, thank you!

It's Memorial Day and as I revisit the last week in pictures, I'm incredibly grateful to all of the people who have served and sacrificed for my right to relish in good things like food, friends, travel and freedom. Thank you!

#142- May 21- Grilled garlic herb halibut
Need a phenomenal fish marinade? Combine chopped cilantro, basil and parsley with six cloves of crushed garlic, several tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons lemon juice, cayenne, fresh cracked pepper, and salt. Marinade in the fridge for at least an hour. Grill over medium-high heat. SO good.
#143- May 22- Light at the end of the heavy lifting tunnel
In case you wanted to know what 3.5 yards of dirt and one busted (brand-new) wheel barrow looks like!
#144- May 23- My praying mantis friends are back!
My itty bitty friends are back! I saw two teensy mantises in the garden. Woo!
#145- May 24- Ontario Airport
Heading to Phoenix over a holiday weekend meant a connecting flight through Ontario.
#146- May 25- Presentation time!
My friends and I presented a panel of papers about positive organizational studies at the International Communication Association annual conference. Really cool experience.
#147- May 26- Glass artwork-o-my dreams
Fell in love with this installation at the downtown Phoenix Sheraton. Would love to create something similar for our entry way (on a smaller scale, of course) but then I realize I don't make hand-blown glass!
#148- May 27- ICA Organizational Communication Division business meeting
Really cool to watch deserving people receive awards! Congratulations Shiv Ganesh!
#149- May 28- Early birthday presents!
I've lusted after this ring in Mischief by Loki's Etsy shop for years. YEARS. So in advance of the big 3-0, I bought it for myself! Love, love, love it!

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