Shutterbug Snaps: 001-010112- Death Star pancakes

Me: "Hey Tim, I wanna start a new thing on the blog and I can't decide what to call it."
T: Half-looking up from the monitor, "What are you talking about?"
Me: "You know the thing where people take a picture every day for the whole year? I'm gonna do that and write about it. Which name do you like better? 'The Daily Snap' or 'Snap Happy'?"
T: With no discernible interest, "Either. Neither is great, neither is horrible."
Me: With consternation, "Thanks."
T: "How about 'The Daily Pixel?'"
Me: "Seriously?"
T: With earnestness and faux sincerity, "No, how about 'Megapixels... from me to you!'"
Me: "I hate you."
T: Cackling.
Me: "And I'm blogging about this."

I share this mostly-accurate conversation to announce the kick-off of one of my New Year's projects: To take a picture every day of the year. And then tell you about it, of course. I shall do my best not to forget, and I promise to show you interesting snippets of life and only the occasional Goliath photoshoot. I'll share at least one snap and with any luck, I'll become a better photographer in the process. We shall see!

001-010112- Death Star pancakes

New Year's Day. Needing some pancakes we were.

So I tried out the Williams-Sonoma pancake molds I got T for Christmas last year. 


Storm trooper DOWN!

I gave up on the molds and made lots of "Death Stars" instead. A little internet research tells me that in order for the molds to work properly, they need to be SUPER hot and well-greased before the batter is poured. Who knew? And yes, Mr. T did narrate his experience chomping down on Yoda... "Eating my ear you are..."

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