A Grateful Heart: Thank you, veterans

Heritage flight from the 2006 Reno Air Races. From the top: F-15 Eagle,
P-51 Mustang, F-4 Phantom, P-51 Mustang. Photo by yours truly.
Whenever I reflect on what I'm thankful for, I can't help but think broadly about freedom... the freedom to be an independent woman, receive education, own property, vote, travel, say what I want on this postage stamp of the internets, etc. I know I owe this freedom in large part to the individuals who have devoted their time, careers and lives to military service. I am honored to know and be related to many service men and women, and I thank all of you.

Thank you, veterans and enlisted folks, for your dedication and most of all, your sacrifice. While I enjoy a comfortable life, I know that you have spent countless months and years away from loved ones, working diligently in difficult conditions, many of you even giving your very lives for this country. I am grateful.


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