Thursday, October 17, 2013

A grateful heart: Just another root canal

Positively medieval these root canal instruments.
I clapped for the dentist today.

No, more specifically, I applauded when the endodontist I was seeing for a root canal re-do told me that my tooth had no cracks in it. He had started off our young acquaintance by suggesting that my toothful troubles probably related to deep root cracks that could only be addressed by extracting said tooth.

I nearly cried in his chair.

So, 45 minutes later, mouth numb, rubber dam and bite guard impeding my ability to speak, I just clapped at the news that for once, my tooth wasn't a worse-case scenario. And then I nearly cried again, this time from relief.

Strange to think that the root canal re-do I've been dreading--thank you hidden canals my regular dentist could not see--actually seems like a major blessing.

So there. I'm grateful for a root canal. Who would have thought?


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  1. I enjoyed reading your experience. Thanks for sharing. I had my first RCT when I was 21 and it was terrible for me to sit in dental chair initially. However, my dentist really treated me so professionally and in well manner that I did not any pain.

  2. I don't know why some people have such a fear of dentists. They really are just trying to help. If you need a root canal, don't you go to the dentist because he will get rid of the pain the best way he knows how? And they usually get rid of the pain. I guess you pay them for something.