Flashback Friday #5

I walked back in time this week. Back to the days where lung-searing breezes and melt-your-soul temperatures were a daily experience. Ugh. After a couple days in Phoenix, unfortunately filled with record-breaking heat, I can't really believe I survived living there. (If you're new to living on the sun, do read: "Hot tips for living in the desert.")

In any case, temps aren't overwhelmingly cooler in Sacramento these days. While my tomatoes seem happy enough, I'm hiding indoors, thanking my stars for a/c, and fiddling with old photos. See...

1. Three-in-one Little Red Riding Hood fun
Another fabulous childhood toy from the 80s. That's a three-in-one doll... Red, Granny and the Wolf. 
2. A young journalist
Back in the day when I was going to be a news reporter.
3. Before cap decorating contests were a thing
If I could've decorated my doctoral tam, it would've said: PhD 4 Hire!
 4. Quality reads
 5. Time warp
So this kid is 18 now. Whoa.
 6. My Bettie Page phase
Doesn't everyone have a Bettie Page bangs period in high school?
 7. D'aw
It's no wonder I have boxes of junk in the garage. How do I give this thing away??
 8. Persecution for front parking
The one time I park in the carpool spot, I arrived back from lunch to find this on my chair. 
 9. Data storage
I had a rude awakening a couple weeks ago when I found a whole bunch of college-era floppies and realized I had no way to access the data anymore. Luckily, my packrat-for-IT-things-only husband had a spare floppy drive with a USB plug. I imagine finding some funny gems on those disks.
 10. Unforgettable One-Acts
Ticket stubs from the Festive of One-Acts. Each actor was featured on a ticket. I'm in the middle portraying a harassed casting director. 

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