Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday 13: How I plan to celebrate finishing the dissertation



Another chapter.


To mark the occasion, I've thought up Thursday 13 ways I'm going to CELEBRATE when the entire dissertation is done (not including jumping for joy, screaming HALLELUJAH!, sleeping, cleaning my office, etc.) In no particular order...

Blackened chicken nachos at Four Peaks in Tempe. A thing of beauty!
1. Nachos with my ladies. Four Peaks, I'm coming for you.

2. Pedicures. A perfect way to celebrate anything. Will probably need cupcakes as well.

3. Ceremonial burning. Following previous post-semester celebrations, the last diss draft will be ritually burned. Over the embers, we shall make s'mores!

4. The "you can call me 'doctor'" blog post. This should be no surprise.

5. A weekend getaway. Vegas? Sedona? Santa Fe? I'm trying to angle for a post-defense and a post-graduation trip. I'm sneaky like that.

A glimpse of Sedona during our Hopscotch Honeymoon.
6. Toast. With bubbles, of course. I plan to do a lot of toasting.

7. Downton Abbey. Yeah, haven't seen it. Can't start now because all reports say I will be hooked. And we can't have that. Not until the Big D is done. I've actually promised to catch up on several TV shows, you know, to knock some of the smarts out so I can think straight again. (ha!)

8. Zumba. Every day of the week, if I can manage it!

9. Kitchen time. I'm planning to actually try the fancy recipes I've collected on Pinterest (see here). I'll start with this, and then this, and oh yes, this.

10. Reconnecting. Hey friends, yeah you. The people I haven't seen in ages. Plan to hear from me!

11. DISNEYLAND. Because I have to be able to answer: "Shawna, you've just finished your dissertation. What are you going to do next?" with an appropriate response. Who's coming with me???

12. Rocking the funny hat. Heck yeah, I'm going to march down that aisle, weird hat and wand in hand (what, don't look at me like that. If I'm wearing robes and a funny hat, that's as close to Hogwarts as I'm going get and I need to be prepared, okay?).

13. Party time! Mmmhmm. I just might have to throw myself a big party.

Anything I missed? How do you like to celebrate big victories?



  1. You sold me on those nachos :)

    1. They are worth every penny/calorie. If you ever find yourself in Tempe, make time for these nachos!

  2. what a great list ... enjoy your celebration/s ... every last one of them!

  3. Yummy nachos!

    Enjoy all of your celebrations.

  4. Keep going! You can do it! (And you've got a whole slew of great incentives!)

    1. Thank you! I've got some good steam going. :)

  5. Sounds like these things will be well-deserved :)

    Wonderful blog you have.

    1. I hope so! And thank you for the kind words. :)

  6. Nachos with the ladies really draws me in. I think you should get a spa massage too!

  7. way to go! Hats off to you. I am working on my masters thesis and it is kicking my butt.

    1. Thanks! Good luck with your thesis. I remember that being quite a bear. Hope you've created a celebrations list, too!

  8. Those nachos look delicious! Oh, and yes, you WILL become addicted to Downton Abbey. I started watched it a couple of days ago on Netflix, and I've already completed the whole first season. LOL. Have fun celebrating!

  9. Those? Are awesome.

    And add me to the NACHOS YES! list. ;)