Thursday 13: Top posts of 2012

Only four days left of 2012. Four. Days. It's been another whirlwind year around these parts and although I say it every December... I can't believe another one has passed already. In addition to travel, school, work, writing, and lots and lots of cooking, I've been blogging up a storm per usual. And in the spirit of end-of-year countdowns, I give you a Thursday 13 recap of the most popular posts of 2012:

1. "Interesting," the most overused word in academia and perhaps, the world
Interesting. It means everything and yet, nothing at all.
Photo credit  
2. Braving Bikram: What I learned about hot yoga, day 1
One of my post-dissertation plans is to get back into Bikram. Never has my back felt so good as when I was practicing regularly. Photo credit 
3. Poppy power: Reflections on the final focus group
By the title and photo, you might not guess that this post is about focus groups with recovering drug addicts. Photo credit 
4. DIY wedding fleurs: How to make organza flowers and bouquets
Wedding day, July 17, 2010. The photo is my gorgeous handmade organza flower bouquet shot by Beth Baugher of True Love Photo. I crafted the flowers and my lovely mother created the bouquet using pins from my grandmother and great grandmother as my "something old" and "borrowed."
5. Back in the teaching saddle and loving it
Oh, how I miss being in the classroom!
6. Banishing verbal fillers: How umm, to like, stop saying umm and stuff
Read it, love it, share it. Especially among the young folk. Please.
Photo credit
7. TTW: A prescription for life (and good posture)
I need to practice better posture! Photo credit
8. Be still my heart: (Insanely) Great grilled artichokes
The best artichokes I've ever made, ever.
For a post on how to make, serve and eat artichokes, click here
9. Zumba, where have you been all my life?
I've been dancing Zumba for more than a year now and I LOVE it.
Photo credit
10. Visiting the "vampires": Donating blood is easy, unscary and saves lives
Hands down easiest way to save lives... donate blood. Takes less than an hour and there are snacks. Find a donation place near you! Photo Credit 
11. Southwest Flight 812: I prefer my plane without a sunroof, thanks
Photo by yours truly from the scariest flight of my life on April 1, 2011. Nothing like a hole in the roof and an emergency landing to shake up a routine commute.
12. The Daily Pixel: Sweet September
Happy birthday Mr. T!
Hear the hamburger song here
13. Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, you come at last!
From 2009 when I first started blogging,this post gets very popular around Christmas time. And yes, I have some Joe-Joe's in the cupboard. Photo credit

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