Monday, December 31, 2012

The Daily Pixel: Ending the year at home

Is it just me or do these weekday holidays confuse anyone else? I have no idea the day or date. The off two, work one, off one, work two, off two thing is driving me mad! Of course, as I know we're heading into a holiday wasteland for awhile (unless you're a lucky SOB who gets Presidents Day), I'll zip my lip and try to enjoy the confusion a bit longer. In the mean time, here are the final Daily Pixel photos of the year!

#363- Dec 28- Southern style buttermilk biscuits, I die
It might be due to recency effect, but I swear these biscuits were one of the best things I ate all year. So much so that I made them twice in one week! (Do not be surprised when my next three posts including waistline whining). Follow the recipe author's advice and you, too, can have flaky, tender, buttery biscuits. Click here to find the how-to.
#364- Dec 29- Shawna's first cast iron skillet
A little late to the cast iron party, but here I am with the biggest frying pan on earth (it seems like). Since I apparently have no conception of size, I purchased a $34 15-inch Lodge cast iron pan on Amazon last week. If I could lift it, it would double as a weapon! The thing is monstrous and barely fits in the oven. One of my New Year's goals is to season the things properly.
#365- Dec 30- Flowers don't like freezing!
For the record, I fully expect these perennials to blossom again come Spring but for now, I feel like the worst gardener ever. Could these beds BE any uglier?? Never fear though, I'm planting bulbs here pretty soon. Tulips to the rescue!
#366- Dec 31- The forecast for 2013
In case you wonder what my post-holiday plans include.

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  1. I have been determined to find an awesome biscuit recipe and wanted to make these as soon as I saw them. I make them this weekend but I think I effed them up. The recipe said the dough was supposed to be really wet, but I think mine was too much so but I just went with it. Unfortunately my biscuits were not high and pretty like yours but sort of squatty and spread out. They tasted awesome though! I think I'm going to try it again and add more flour like I originally should have.

    Also, you will LOVE your cast iron skillet. I use mine almost daily. :)

    1. If at first you don't succeed... ;) This photo was from my second attempt. The first time I made them, my dough wasn't thick enough and they didn't rise much at all.

      I'm excited about the skillet. You were part of my inspiration! I was reading through some of your recipes and noticed how often you mentioned the cast iron pan. I need to get the sucker seasoned and try it out!