Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Daily Musing: Pug overload

It started innocently enough. A puppy seems innocent, right? (Well, cute at any rate.) One day my sister Emily introduces a pug into our lives. Brandy Mo. Delicate. Socially awkward. Lover of people food. Before I know it, my parents are calling her the "grand-pug," allowing her to sit on the furniture and even sleep on their bed. What has the world come to?

A Brandy and Em Christmas card.
I thought I knew.
Not to be outdone by the labs, Brandy learned to swim!
And then there were two.
Em spends a good deal of time at the dog park now.
One day Emily brings home another pug. Frankie. A street pug. Scrappy. Resourceful. Lover of chocolate cake. This one introduces dissension into the ranks, incites riots and plans covert snack-stealing operations. Seriously, she's sneaky.
Frankie also learned to swim thanks to Brandy's hand-me-down life jacket. Yes, I said life jacket.
Sneaky and sweet. She gets under your skin after awhile and you can't help but love that quirky face.
Poor Sadie gets clobbered by the Puggles.
See what I mean?
I'm telling you, this one is fierce. 
And I blinked and then there were three!
Tim's transformation from dog drill sergeant to pug-spoiler has been rapid.
Only this one my bewitched step dad, Tim, brought home. A purebred pug named Makanui which means "big eyes" in Hawaiian. (I will have to confirm this with my roomate.)
Eric does not seem pleased by the addition.
I don't know what she's like just yet, but I can only imagine that future family gatherings will be a pug round up for sure!

Any animal obsessions in your family?



  1. Hahahahahaha!! Love it!

  2. I read your tweets on Twitter! So glad you guys landed safely!!! Very scary!!!


  3. American Johnson bull dogs. Giant babies that scare off anyone asking for money but just want some lovin' ^^

  4. I'm also glad you all are relatively okay.

    Dachshunds. I was raised with one, & the boyfriend was raised with one that his parents still have. I moved four hours away to attend school, so he got lonely & went to the Humane Society where he found Joe. Then, a friend's family couldn't keep theirs due to medically induced financial struggles, & he now has Reggie. He calls them "The Bumpuses;" I've dubbed all three of them "My Boys."