Thursday 13: December Snapshot

With two days till Christmas, I'm taking a break from bread-baking and present-wrapping to pen this Thursday 13. I give you a little snapshot of December...

1. A photo of me:
Never choose the odd-shaped present at White Elephant parties.
2. Pages written: +/- 75

3. Accomplishment: Surviving the toughest semester of grad school yet and realizing I'm 37.5% doctor. Still can't cure anything but I can write you a mean paper. ;)

4. Tough spots: Taking three flights in three days during finals week. Sacramento to Phoenix to Kansas City to Phoenix. Yowza.

5. Road trip: Mr. T flew down to Cactus Land at the end of finals week and we drove home together. 781 miles and 12 hours door-to-door. Looooong day.

6. Something that made me smile: Taking photos with some of my Small Group Comm students after final presentations. Haven't been invited into a group picture in a few semesters. Fun kids!

7. Something that made me scream: Final grade negotiation attempts. This may be a full post one of these days, but let the moral of any negotiation story be: You get more flies with sugar than vinegar. Ah hem.

8. Bad-ass Betty Crocker-ness:
Baked 32 loaves of fruit bread (pineapple-banana and pumpkin-pear), concocted gallons of homemade spaghetti sauce and will soon attempt Buckeyes. Stay tuned for recipes!

9. Movies watched: The original TRON and Night at the Museum 2. My friend Adam says I get 10,000 cool wife points for watching TRON, especially as it's in preparation to see the new version. Gotta love those 80s special effects! And even though I don't love Ben Stiller, Night at the Museum 2 was hilarious. "I don't think thso..."

10. Highlight: Annual White Elephant Extravaganza.

If you look carefully, you can spot a bonafide tree-stealer. 
11. White Elephant highlight: Giving the carousel horse a new home. ha!
Seems mean to let a pregnant lady get stuck with such an ugly horse, but I'm pretty sure it moved on to a new White Elephant party somewheres. Ugly bugger!
12. Favorite meals: End-of-semester cider and cheese sticks with Kristin; stuffed bell peppers a la Mr. T; and of course, my spaghetti. :)

T filled the peppers will a ground beef and barley mixture. To-die for.

Mmm, happiness on a plate right there. 
13. Christmas wishes: Hope you and yours have a most beautiful holiday season!

Okay, back to the present wrapping!


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