Will power and rewards

I don't know that this is specific to grad school, but often I find myself playing motivation games. Not that it works all of the time, but I tell myself things like:
- If you finish your stack of articles, you can go to the gym.
- Once you get that paper drafted, you can make lunch.
- When the grading is done, you can read wedding blogs online.

This week? If you get all of your articles read today (Friday), tomorrow* you can buy/watch New Moon!

Yes, I realize the self talk and buying of ridiculous tween movies makes me sound nuts, but I just can't help myself. At this point in the semester, the crazy is utterly necessary.


* So the tomorrow buying is probably going to be tonight buying. I don't think my willpower can last. And no, I haven't finished my articles! (Shh, don't tell...)

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